Why You Should Download GB Whatsapp Today

What to know about? Well, This article is about that. You can now have more than whatever other messaging app provided to its users by replacing your existing WhatsApp with a new quality messaging program known as GB Whatsapp. Even if you only have two mobile numbers to use and some additional space in your phone, you do not need to replace the popular messaging program which has been on offer to Facebook users since 2010. GB Whatsapp is just a fresh take on a very old program.

GB Whatsapp

Why You Should Download GB Whatsapp Today

The GB Whatsapp app for Android is extremely user-friend.  It will not occupy much memory on your phone and definitely is much faster and easier to work with. It has some neat features that you won't find in any of the other apps out there. For example, it allows you to use almost all social media networking sites that are available on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and even online. That means that if you have an account with any of these, this GB Whatsapp app is perfect for you.

There are some reasons why you may want to hide GB Whatsapp, however. If you are a business person or a parent of one, you may want to hide this app from your kids who are using the Android Market. With the GB Whatsapp installed on their phone, they cannot go inside any of your private or public data on their mobiles. If they try, they will get caught and you will end up getting into serious trouble.

Privacy Options

You can also hide the GB Whatsapp through different privacy options. For instance, if you go into "Privacy settings" on the settings of your Google page, this will hide the GB Whatsapp from anyone who gets a hold of your Google account. If you go into "What are my choices" and you tick" Hide Google 1", you will block anybody from accessing your profile. These two privacy options will also hide the GB Whatsapp from everyone else.

The final way to hide the GB Whatsapp from strangers is to use the built-in moderation system of Google . When you go into this section on the Google page, you tick the box next to "Keep conversations private" and then click "OK". This will prevent anyone from being able to see your contacts and conversations.


All you have to do is take a few minutes and learn how to use GB Whatsapp provides. Once you have learned how to do this trick, it should not be hard for anybody to implement it into their Google chat experience. To start, go to the search bar and type in the person's name. Once you have searched for this person, take a moment and see what comes up.