A Short Tutorial on How to Use YouTube Vanced on Your Android Phone

YouTube Vanced is an extremely popular modified version of YouTube, which is itself a highly controversial program. It adds several features to the already existing official YouTube application, such as built-in video blocking, pop-up blocking, and even more customizations. The biggest change, however, is that Vanced incorporates a new block feature that essentially serves as an alternate form of "unfriending" users. Here's how it works.

How To Use YouTube Vanced

To use YouTube Vanced, first, you need to add the program to your computer. To do this, open the program and click on the "Add" button right next to the word "screen". You will then be prompted to select a location where you'd like to place Vanced. Once done, you can then click on the Download button to download and install the modified version of YouTube for YouTube. This should automatically install all of the latest blocks and features from the official YouTube application. After doing so, you should see a confirmation message prompting you to restart the program to apply the changes.

If you have any videos that you've recorded using YouTube Vanced, they should now be available to view in the YouTube program. The problem is, due to a loophole in the system, some of those videos may still be on YouTube while blocked. Therefore, you must make sure you've unblocked the YouTube application before trying to view any videos. This can easily be done by restarting your computer and running the program again.

Another way to ensure you have the most benefit from YouTube vanced is to use a closed module to tweak the YouTube settings. The Xposed framework is an advanced tweak tool that utilizes the Android OS to provide features and functions to assist in performing a wide range of tasks. By using this framework, many problems with YouTube can be taken care of. For instance, one of the most annoying things people can do when uploading a video is to see a big white space where the video used to be.

Fixing White Space On YouTube Vanced

To fix this, you need to go into the "permissions" settings inside the YouTube application. Click on the overflow menu that says" Hulu Plus Content," and then click the" slider," next to" Download videos on the device." The "download videos on device" setting have two tabs. The first tab is for users who have installed the Hulu Plus HD apk and are using this feature. The second tab is intended for users without the HD version of Hulu. You can go into these two options and set the mode to allow or block videos downloaded from the internet.


To fully use YouTube Vanced for everything it has to offer on your Android device is by downloading and installing official YouTube apps. There are two different official apps that you can get: one called YouTube Mobile which allows you to browse YouTube's Android app through a customized, landscape-orientation interface and the official app itself. The official app is designed to work with all types of Android devices, but it is only compatible with devices running version 4.2 and higher. 

The mobile app works flawlessly on all versions of Android, but it is recommended that you use it if you want the most seamless browsing experience possible. This app gives you the ability to browse through a variety of videos, play them, and switch between them by tapping their names or simply tapping their artwork.